San Diego Golf Courses

Being a native San Diegan and an avid golfer, I have had the opportunity to sample most of the courses in the greater San Diego area.

Over the years, there have been several memorable experiences on many of the courses, some good and some not so good. In the Handbook, we have given you what we feel are the recommended best golf courses San Diego has to offer. It has been my personal experience that all the courses mentioned will provide the golfer with an enjoyable and challenging time. Two of the courses in particular provided me with unforgettable experiences that have drawn me back for more.

Mt. Woodson

One was in a foursome at Mt. Woodson. This course is in the mountains. It’s quite hilly, verdant (that means green, I had to look it up. My girlfriend made me use it.) and full of woodland life. I was playing a somewhat sub-par game, which is very unusual for me, really! There I was fighting my swing, my grip, and the course itself when I realized I’d been concentrating so much on my game that the beauty and serenity of this course had been lost on me. So, even though my game that day was sub-par, my golf experience was excellent.

Torrey Pines

The other occasion was at Torrey Pines, the south course. Our tee time was 7:45 and a great time of the day. This course offers everything a golfer wants: wide fairways, quality greens, and your basic challenging game. You’re asking yourself why this was such a great experience? I know of no other course in San Diego where you can tee off from virtually every hole and see the Pacific Ocean. There are several holes that line the cliff leading down to the beach. I put this particular course in the handbook because of the exceptional greens and unbelievable view.

I always recommended both courses to visit friends and family.

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