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Best Restaurants in San Diego Downtown

Are you ready to take a bite out of San Diego’s flourishing culinary community? This amazing coastal city is known for having the best Seafood Restaurants on the west coast, of course, but along with fulfilling the demand to create the freshest, most innovative seafood creations, chefs from around the world are coming to San Diego to open San Diego Restaurants to respond to every culinary desire.

Take a look at our collection of just a few of the best San Diego Restaurants, bistros and diners below and plan on exploring a few of your own on your next visit to San Diego.

Oceanaire Seafood Room

Our Guests enjoy superior dining experiences when they dine at San Diego Restaurants like Oceanaire Seafood Room. When you’re wondering Where to Eat in San Diego that is sleek and sophisticated, have dinner at Oceanaire Seafood Room.

Oceanaire provides the perfect setting to enjoy outstanding food and an almost better atmosphere, complete with a knowledgeable staff that delights Guests with exceptional service. Waiters at San Diego Restaurants like Oceanaire Seafood Room are trained to guide you through the wide variety of items on the menu and help you select the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

RA Sushi

RA Sushi is a Restaurant in San Diego’s exciting Gaslamp District that features live music, fantastic energy, and inventive cocktails. Some say that RA Sushi has the best sushi this side of Tokyo, so check it out for yourself and see why dining at RA is one of the most popular San Diego Things to Do for visitors and locals. If you want a Hotel in San Diego that is close to RA and other fabulous downtown San Diego venues.

Within minutes, you’ll be in the hip and trendy Gaslamp Quarter, enjoying lunch or dinner at RA Sushi with a vibrant crowd. There is not another restaurant in San Diego that has quite the atmosphere of RA Sushi. Order up the best sushi in town at RA and delight in signature Japanese fusion cuisine. Whether you choose an amazing roll or a great cocktail and appetizer, your experience at RA Sushi will surely be one of the best San Diego Things to Do while you’re visiting.

Rama Thai

When you’re looking for outstanding Restaurants in San Diego, consider stopping into RAMA Thai for lunch or dinner. This fine Thai Restaurant is situated in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, and is one of the best answers to our Guests’ question, “Where to Eat in San Diego.”

RAMA Thai is recognized as one of the most beautiful Restaurants in San Diego. Its gorgeous décor perfectly complements the restaurant’s incredible, authentic Thai cuisine, which RAMA chef’s craft using the purest ingredients. RAMA Thai is not only a top spot when you’re wondering Where to Eat in San Diego, it’s a great place for drinks too.

Rei de Gado

Choose from more than 40 different salads, side dishes, and entrees at Rei do Gado, one of the top San Diego Restaurants. When you’re wondering Where to Eat in San Diego that is unique and healthy, consider Rei de Gado, a Brazilian San Diego Restaurant in the exciting Gaslamp Quarter.

At Rei de Gado, they prepare much of their food over a mesquite flame that gives it an unmatched flavor and tenderness. Come to San Diego Restaurants like Rei de Gado and encounter an unlimited buffet of mouth-watering dishes and salads. Many of our Guests ask the question, “Where to Eat in San Diego?” and we suggest they try Rei de Gado, which some say has the most delicious food in the world.


When you’re looking for a Restaurant in San Diego that takes a fresh and new approach to dining, consider enjoying a meal at Searsucker. Searsucker is the answer to “Where to Eat in San Diego” when you want fantastic, locally-sourced dishes and San Diego-brewed lagers on tap. You’ll be able to sip incredible ales as you dine in an airy, 7,000 square-foot San Diego Restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Searsucker features an open kitchen and lounge that is divided only by furniture. When you’re wondering Where to Eat in San Diego, Searsucker may be the best bet when you’ve planned a nice evening out with friends and family. This San Diego Restaurant is conducive to conversation, and many Guests find that the open floor plan allows them to chat with the chefs and wait staff too.

Broken Yolk

Looking for one of the best San Diego Restaurants serving breakfast?  Look no further than the Broken Yolk.  This guest-favorite restaurant has served home-style food to San Diegans and San Diego visitors since 1979. This local-favorite is one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego for breakfast and brunch, filling up hungry guests’ bellies with good, hearty food. When you’re wondering where to dine in San Diego near Hotels in San Diego like.

Broken Yolk is famous for its large menu, huge portions, and freshly-prepared meals. Order real shredded hash browns with a side of freshly-made salsa and you’ve got a delicious treat at one of the most delightful San Diego Restaurants to eat at downtown.

Cafe 21

Cafe 21 welcomes San Diego visitors and residents to come inside, eat their veggies, and love every bite. Restaurants in San Diego like Cafe 21 make it extremely easy to get your daily quota of healthy fruits and vegetables, and they accomplish this by whipping up extraordinary, homemade dishes created with fresh, organic produce. What’s even better than filling the bellies of hungry guests with tasty life-giving food? How about the fact that Cafe 21 supports local farmers while doing it?

Trying out some of the wonderful Restaurants in San Diego is one of the top Things to do in San Diego for many visitors. When you want to cool down after a long day, head to Café 21 for farm-to-bar, refreshing drinks that are infused with organic vodka. Or, sample one of Café 21’s sandwiches on house-made bread with an organic salad as an accompaniment.

Cafe Sevilla

Spanish born owners, Rogelio and Janet Huidobro, opened Cafe Sevilla in San Diego in 1987, and today this eatery is one of the top restaurants in San Diego. The pair constructed the Sevilla concept from the traditional and authentic ambiance of Spain, and today, the cafe is one of the most delightful restaurants in San Diego to have dinner at.

Café Sevilla’s success grows each year, perhaps because of the San Diego Restaurant’s unique approach to dining. Café Sevilla combines 3 distinct environments in its restaurant: the authentic Tapas Bar, the casually-elegant dining room featuring award-winning Spanish cuisine, and the lively nightclub with nightly music and dancing (one of the extremely fun San Diego Things to Do late in the evenings).

Hash House

Hash House is one of the premier Restaurants in San Diego that delivers farm-fresh produce concocted into fabulous old-style recipes. When you’re looking for things to do in San Diego on a Saturday or Sunday morning, head to Hash House for an outstanding breakfast entree or wake up late and do lunch at Hash House within minutes of downtown San Diego.

Hash House features a fantastic dining experience, complete with the level of excitement and entertainment that many San Diego visitors desire when they’re on vacation. Each day, Hash House assures its guests that it will make good on its goal to be one of the top restaurants in San Diego, and for 10 years it has done just that.

La Puerta

Welcome to La Puerta, a fabulous Mexican Restaurant in San Diego’s exciting Gaslamp Quarter. When you’re wondering Where to Eat in San Diego that offers tacos, tunes, and tequila, visit La Puerta! La Puerta – a popular Restaurant in San Diego with locals and tourists.

La Puerta envisions itself as a hangout for people who desire a high level of hospitality while enjoying great food and drinks at the same time. La Puerta is a perfect answer to the question, “Where to Eat in San Diego,” when you’re looking for authentic, family-inspired recipes and meals made on the premises each day. The Sinaloan food at La Puerta always utilizes the purest of ingredients, and the specialty drinks at this Restaurant in San Diego are created with premium bases and juices.

Lou & Mickey’s

Lou & Mickey’s is a San Diego Restaurant that sits in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, and it serves up some of the best pasta dinners and exotic drinks that you’ll find near downtown. San Diego Things to Do like dining at downtown Restaurants are a top priority for many visitors to San Diego, and Lou & Mickey’s is one San Diego Restaurant that our Guests recommend.

The atmosphere at Lou & Mickey’s is part of San Diego Restaurant and part cocktail lounge. Whether you’re looking for things to do in San Diego during the day or evening, you can pop into Lou & Mickey’s and enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner in an exciting downtown San Diego setting.

Nobu San Diego

Dining at Nobu in San Diego is an experience, as you’ll quickly find out when you enter its sultry doors. Nobu is one of the most popular San Diego Restaurants for a reason. Nobu San Diego premiered on the San Diego Restaurant scene in 2007, becoming another of the many canvases for Chef Nobu Matsuhisa to showcase his legendary dishes. When you’re looking for San Diego Things to Do that are high-end and highly satisfying, dine at Nobu.

Nobu San Diego is among the many San Diego Restaurants nestled in Downtown San Diego, in a perennially hip and central location. Nobu features creations by Executive Chef David Meade, who honed his skills at Nobu Miami and Nobu New York. Dining at Nobu has become one of the top San Diego Things to Do for tourists who want excellent food, impeccable service, and a lively, sophisticated ambiance.

San Diego Dining FAQs

Q: What is the San Diego Dining scene like near your San Diego Hotel?
A: Guests at our San Diego Hotel love the many San Diego Restaurants that are located nearby. The San Diego Dining scene can be described as eclectic, as there is such a variety of options. Whether you want to grab a quick, casual bite, or want to sit down and enjoy a fine-dining experience, you will find Restaurants in San Diego to suit every craving. Read about some of the top San Diego Restaurants in our San Diego Dining Guide.

Q: I’ll be staying at your San Diego Hotel in a few weeks. Are there any San Diego Restaurants within walking distance?
A: There are many San Diego Restaurants located near our San Diego Hotel. Mama Gucci’s, House of Blues, Melting Pot, Confidential, and Osetra Watergrill are a few of many San Diego Dining spots located within a half a mile of downtown.

Q: What are some of the best San Diego Restaurants for seafood?
A: If you love seafood then you will be pleased with the number of options near our San Diego Hotel. Some of the best nearby San Diego Restaurants for seafood are Oceanaire Seafood Room, Osetra Fishhouse, and Blue Point Coastal Cuisine. Feel free to ask our Concierge for additional suggestions during your visit to San Diego.

Q: We’ll be staying at your San Diego Hotel for our anniversary, and we’d like to enjoy a very special dinner to celebrate. Can you suggest a few spots for upscale San Diego Dining?
A: Sure. San Diego Dining offers both casual and upscale fare. When you want to enjoy a very special meal during your stay in San Diego, you will find plenty of options. Consider Addison, George’s at the Cove, Nobu, or Mr. A’s when you want a fine and memorable meal.

Q: We’re bringing our pet along when we stay at your San Diego Hotel, and we’re wondering if there are any pet-friendly San Diego Restaurants nearby.
A: San Diego is a very pet-friendly city. Because our San Diego Hotel is pet-friendly, many guests have asked about nearby San Diego Restaurants that will allow pets. A few options are The Patio on Lamont Street, The Regal Beagle, Pier Café, Fred’s Mexican Café, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Q: I love dining al fresco. Can you recommend some nearby San Diego Restaurants with outdoor seating?
A: With the gorgeous San Diego weather, it is not surprising that many San Diego Restaurants offer al fresco dining. A few examples of Restaurants in San Diego with outdoor seating are The Patio on Lamont, Edgewater Grill, Acqua, Anthony’s Fish Grotto, and Island Prime.

Q: Are there any San Diego Restaurants with a celebrity chef at the helm?
A: There are San Diego Restaurants where you can enjoy a meal at a spot owned by a celebrity chef. Nobu Matsuhisa at Nobu, Jean-Michel Diot at Tapenade, and Jeff Jackson at A.R. Valentien are just a few examples.

Q: Can the Concierge at a San Diego Hotel help us with reservations to San Diego Restaurants?
A: Of course. The Concierge at San Diego Hotels will be happy to help guests with reservations to San Diego Restaurants, securing tickets to Events, or anything else that they can do to make your stay more pleasant.