Mission Beach Visitors Guide

Mission Beach, just minutes north of San Diego on the western coast of California, offers perfect weather, scenic beauty, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and great beaches. A continuous stretch of beach, located between Pacific Beach and the Mission Bay Channel, Mission Beach is often referred to as “The Strand.”

Mission BeachThe beach, miles, and miles of it provide daylong adventures with plenty of swimming, sunbathing, and exploring. Public restrooms and showers, well-trained lifeguards, and nearby amenities at the boardwalk guarantee a pleasant visit. Sand dollars and seashells dot the beaches in the early morning hours and during low tide, adding to the fun. There is plenty of kayaking, surfing, jet-skiing, boogie boarding, boating, windsurfing, and wakeboarding happening daily.

The Beach

The area of Mission Beach is a portion of the sandbar along the Pacific Ocean. The main common place to go in all year, as there are numerous great shops and restaurants.

Close to Mission Beach, there are attractions such as Sea World and Belmont Park. Both amusement parks are famous, and very popular. In both parks you’ll find rides such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, Chaos, Vertical Plunge, the Liberty Carousel, and The Trampoline.

Mission Beach also offers you lots of opportunities to partake in volleyball, tanning, surfing, skateboarding, and many other activities. There is also a local skating club called Skate This, which performs cool tricks for free on the weekends during dancing and music.

Although nudity isn’t permitted on the beach, alcohol still is. Thong bikinis aren’t legal on the beach either, although lifeguards and security personal usually don’t make a big deal about it.

With superb place to go. If you love beaches with many different activities to offer, Mission Beach is one place you should check out.

Mission Beach Attractions

Mission Beach is a favorite for many reasons. You have the Mission Beach roller coaster. (The Giant Dipper) Which was built in 1925, it is one of only two oceanfront roller coasters still operating on the west coast. Cost to ride 6 dollars.

Belmont Park has “The Plunge” which is a huge indoor pool and there are also many great rides and things to do in Belmont Park. There is some parking behind the roller coaster, there is a huge parking lot (Beach Parking) the next (go South) entrance past the roller coaster, you can also park your car at Mission Bay Park and walk across the street. Go South on West Mission Bay Drive you’ll see a lot on the left.

Then there is the beach, restaurants, bars. The boardwalk is perfect for a long bike ride, run or roller blade and there is a huge parking lot. Pretty much a vacationers paradise. Across the street is the Mission Bay park with picnic tables and fire rings so that you may barbecue.

Belmont Amusement Park

The Belmont Amusement Park opens the window to the Southern California lifestyle, including body piercings, tattoos, and unusual outfits. The second oldest wooden roller coaster in the USA, a variety of adventurous rides, including The Big Dipper Roller Coaster, and exciting games can all be found here. The boardwalk is always bustling with people clamoring to rent surfboards and bikes, shopping for beach souvenirs, and enjoying typical boardwalk fare at a number of small and large eateries.

Best beach bars

Mission Beach SunsetsThe day is winding down and it’s time for a little replenishment. Mission Beach has several hot spots that hit that spot perfectly. A true San Diego legend as one of the best beach bars, Lahiana’s Beach House Bar & Grill dishes up awesome ocean views, as well as culinary delights for the three traditional meal times. Enjoy the oceanfront view from the upper deck of Cane’s Bar & Grill while music resonates in the background and the wafting aromatic scents awaken your appetite.

Mission Bay

Nearby Mission Bay, over four thousand acres, is full of outstanding places to jog, bike, rollerblade, bird watching, or picnic. It is a veritable delight for residents and vacationers. The Bahia Belle, an authentic three-story Mississippi sternwheeler paddleboat, cruises along at a moderately slow pace along Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. Imagine the glorious sunset falling down graciously around you, romantic music playing in the background, and a panoramic slide show of scenic panorama passing along beside you.

SeaworldSeaWorld San Diego is only a hop and a skip, or eight miles, away from Belmont Park. This exciting theme park provides spectacular fireworks displays in the summer, and rides and exhibits throughout the entire year.

Vacation beach rentals, luxury resorts and spas, charming inns, and discount Mission Beach hotels offer a wide assortment of lodging and accommodation choices. In fact, so many choices exist that you may have to decide to visit again.

Home to the affluent as well as those of moderate-income, Mission Beach is a beautiful location with charming homes and real estate in an array of colorful pastels. Condominiums, cottages, apartments, and single-family houses are interspersed throughout the swaying trees, oceanfront, and trendy shopping strips. If you’re considering relocation to the area, see a Mission Beach real estate agent. They sill know where the best home values can be found.

Whether you are looking for a weekend of fun time or a lifetime of lifestyle pleasure, Mission Beach CA is the place.


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