Top 10 best tourist attractions in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is one of the most populous city of Orange County State. In terms of wide population, Santa Ana also ranks high in the cities of United States. On map in context to area wise, Santa Ana city is connected to biggest metropolitan area’s city, the Los Angeles. Santa Ana city is considered to be one of the most safe city for the residents as well as the tourists. Along with all this, Santa Ana city has freeways spread all over the city, mountains located nearby the city and the winds that link to blowing the wildfires through the area of southern California in past. All these freeways, winds and mountains are named on the Santa Ana city name. Metropolitan Authority’s ranked Management and Budget Office of Santa Ana city is also named on the city name.

10. The Discovery Cube

The Discovery Cube at Santa Ana city is specifically a place for science wonders and exhibits for the tourists. Previously, it was named as Discovery Science Center. It has a wide number of science exhibits made with hands. After the introduction of ten stories solar cube in the discovery science center, the place was renamed as The Discovery Cube. This is one of the most visited place of the Santa Ana city. Along with solar cube, the place also arranges some parts depending on a number of different themes like Quake Zone, Dino Quest, Air and Space, Eco-challenge and Dynamic earth.

9. Crave

Crave at Santa Ana city is a place made available for refreshment of tourists. The place is specially famous for sandwiches. Crave itself bake the bread, roast or smoke the meat, stir-fry the vegetables are grown on their farm and put all together to make a sandwich. This is the true specialty fo the Crave place. Along with this, fresh salads, soups, muffins, cookies, bagels, brownies and many more items are available at the crave.

8. Montanya Spa

Montaya Spa at Santa Ana city is located near the Bowers Museum. The place offers a variety of massages and other related services to the tourists and the resident people for getting them feel relieved from physical and mental health. The services include body massages, facials, spas facility and body wraps therapy. The atmosphere provided to the clients along with services is quite relaxing. Spa is equally famous among the tourists for its quality and relaxing services.

7. Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony at Santa Ana city is one of the oldest and widest place that serves the music. A number of talented musicians are available at the place along with music director. A number of musical events and concerts are arranged here under the supervision of talented musicians for amusing the tourists and residents.

6. The Santa Ana Zoo

Zoo at Santa Ana city is one of the widest area covering zoo of the city. The Santa Ana Zoo is located at Prentice park of the city. It absorbs a wide number of variety of plants, birds and animals species like monkeys, rheas, iguanas and anteaters. The plants and animals at the zoo belong to South region and Central part of America. The zoo was built quite centuries before. Along with this, there has also been organized variety of rides like Amazon, colors of Amazon Aviary, Zoofari ride, Jack lynch and many more for the amusement of the tourists.

5. The Bowers Museum

The bowers museum at Santa Ana city is named on the famous personality name Charles Bowers as he donated the land for the museum. From the time when it was built till now, the museum has gone through a number of expansions making the museum a mighty one in its size. The main purpose on which the museum has been focusing in its exhibits of artistic work along with other presentation is truly the depiction of the culture. The exhibits of artistic work belongs to Africa, Columbia, Asia, America and South Pacific. Along with all these collections, the Bowers museum also absorbs mummies belonging to Egypt, Warriors of Terra, kids museum and British museum special artwork and objects.

4. The Copper Door

The Copper Door at Santa Ana city is the largest door located under the Pacific building of the city. The place absorbs a wide number of beers and cocktails. The place is decorated with candles, decoration pieces, pine trees tables along with music groups, painters and DJs.

3. Sender One Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness

Sender One Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness center or facility at Santa Ana city is an indoor arrangement. The people are provided with facility to climb, perform yoga and other fitness practices. It is quite a big center covering a large area. The Sender one climbing, yoga and fitness center is recognized as one of the largest gym of United States along with being the tallest climbing gym one also. The fitness center also provides with proper guidance and instructions through a number of highly trained and professional trainers. Group classes are also arranged at the place. The fitness center contains weights along with machines to help in cardiac exercises along with yoga and aerobics. The fitness center also possesses another feature or facility climbing named as a fun topic. This is specially targeted for the families and kids.

2. Willowick Golf Course

Willowick golf course at Santa Ana city is the oldest one located in Orange County. It is located near the Disneyland park. The place includes a wide green carpet area spread all around in the course. A well designed golf course with measurable golf hole on the ground makes it even more popular among the players. Along with this, there also appears a shop near the place that contains almost all the necessities used to play the golf game.

1. 4th Street Market

4th Street Market at Santa Ana city is a food market specially made for the food lovers. It is the biggest food market ever a person has visited that provides with variety of new dishes daily of almost every kind and related to every culture. The chefs and food masters of different cultures get together at the place to share the ideas to make something more craving for the people.

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