Top 10 best tourist places in Sacramento

Sacramento the capital of California was named after River Sacramento. It is also the oldest and sixth largest city in California, United States. This city is famous for its variety of culture, tree canopy which is largest in the United States, state administration, and climate. World-renowned Hospital UC Davis Medical Center is located in Sacramento. There are many fascinating places in Sacramento like Garden at Sacramento, Tower Bridge, Sacramento River, view of Downtown and many more. The climate of Sacramento is very hot, summers are very dry and winters are wet and mild.

Sacramento is a city unlike any other, a place where — in a single day — you can watch the Golden State’s government in action, learn the history of automobiles, treat the family to an affordable Triple-A division baseball game, and walk the wooden sidewalks that used to serve as wandering spots for folks caught up in the gold rush of the late 1840s. The city has the charm of its distinct history as well as the conveniences and comforts you’d expect of a modern metropolis.

10. Crocker Art Museum

Crocker Art Museum is a leading museum and longest continuously-operating museum in California. It was founded in 1871 covers the area of 2.5 acres. It is not only a museum but also a leading art institution in California. Museum has the premium collection of Californian, European, African, Asian and Oceanic art. The architectural style of the museum is Classic Contemporary and Victorian Italianate and was designed by Charles Gwathmey and Seth Babson. The museum was expanded in 2010 which includes expanding the library, exhibition galleries, art classrooms, public gathering places, and auditorium. It is always closed on Monday.

9. Raging Waters, Sacramento

One of the best amusement parks of the Sacramento, California brings so many attractions for the tourists and family. Raging Waters has more than 25 exciting water attractions, including Cliffhanger, Honolulu Half Pipe, Hurricane Bay Slide, Stingray and Manta Ray, Breaker Beach, Volleyball Court, Calypso Cooler, Shark Pool and Treehouse Reef. The old name of the park was Six Flags Water World and Water World USA. The operating season of Raging Waters is May to September. Raging Waters is a best recreational and fun place for family and tourist.

8. Tower Bridge

The bridge linking west Sacramento and east Sacramento across Sacramento River carries cars, pedestrians and previously railroad. The total length of the Tower Bridge is 737 feet and height is 160 feet. It is a Vertical Lift Bridge designed by Alfred Eichler and constructed by George Pollock and Company opened in 1935. The construction cost of the bridge was US$994,000. Tower Bridge is an achievement of engineering and a Californian icon. Tower Bridge won Class B prize Bridge award from American Institute of Steel Construction in 1935. At first, it was painted with silver aluminum color and now it is in gold color.

7. Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake located at Sierra foothills offer many opportunities for recreation like camping, hiking, boating, water skiing, picnicking, running and horse-back riding. Folsom lake connects with Sacramento County through 32 miles long bicycle path. Folsom Lake is basically a reservoir shaped by Folsom Dam and it was founded in 1955 covering an area of 11,500 acres. There is a variety of fish species including spotted bass, Kokanee salmon, largemouth bass, squawfish, catfish, and carp. Other than fish species, there is also a variety of wildflowers, mammals, and birds which attracts the tourists and kids. Folsom Lake also plays a role in flood control.

6. Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail is a pathway that links Sacramento River with American River. The Trail is 51 kilometers long path used by cyclists. It is also a recreational area for tourists and visitors. In 1974, Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail was acknowledged as a national trail. The trail offers many recreational activities including jogging, inline skating, hiking, cycling, strolling and horse-back riding. The healthy and peaceful environment of the lake attracts the tourists and families. Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail is also famous for its variety of wildlife.

5. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Church in Sacramento, California. It was founded in 1886 and completed in 1889. The length of the Cathedral is 200 feet and width is 100 feet with the capacity of 1,400 seats. Dome of the Cathedral has breathtaking beauty. It has three spires and the tallest one is 215 feet long. The total construction cost of Cathedral was $250,000 and the material used in its decoration is brick, reinforced concrete, marble, and steel frame. Every year thousands of visitors visit the Cathedral.

4. Hughes Stadium

Hughes Stadium opened in 1928 is located at Sacramento City College. It has the capacity of 20,311 seats. Hughes Stadium is the home field for Sacramento Salons and Pacific Coast League. It is officially a football stadium. Other than football, the stadium is also used for racing, boxing, Pink Floyd, soccer, baseball, Pig Bowl and Sacramento Pop Festival. Hughes Stadium also hosts exhibitions, high school games, musical shows, weddings and many other events. The stadium was constructed by George D. Hadnutt, Inc. and was designed by Dean and Dean.

3. California State Railroad Museum

Numerous exhibits describe how railroads influenced the lives, economy, culture, and history of Californians. Children will enjoy stepping aboard Pullman-style sleeping cars, a dining car filled with railroad china, and a railway post office replica. There’s even a high-speed train simulator where visitors can experience what it’s like to drive a modern high-speed train. Daily guided tours of the museum are available, and special events include the “Spookomotive Train Ride” on weekends in October and a christmas holiday train ride in November and December, complete with an encounter from a gift-bearing Santa.

The railroad played such an integral part in flooding the Sacramento area with citizens, it seems only fitting that you and your family should pay homage to it at the California State Railroad Museum. It’s located in Old Town Sacramento, and you’ll find restored trains, rotating exhibits, and special events such as Halloween’s “Spooko-motive” train rides. Exhibits cover everything from the people who built and worked on the railroad to the exciting fascination that modern-day collectors have with model trains of the tiniest sizes. From April through September, restored steam-power trains depart on the hour, offering rides for the whole family.

The museum is open every day from 10 A.M. until 5 P.M., excluding major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Adults pay $8 to enter, children ages six through seventeen pay $3, and kids five and younger can enter for free. Additional information is available online at

2. Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo is a great place for the families and tourists. It was opened in 1927 and located in William Land Park, Sacramento, California. Zoo covers the area of 14.3 acres. Zoo has the variety of animal, fish, wildlife and wildflower species. Sacramento Zoo has more than 500 animals. Zoo also provides a refreshment area to the visitors and family. The play area of Zoo attracts the kids. Every year millions of visitors visit the zoo. Small Wonders of Africa was opened in September 2014, which includes Wolf’s guenon, fennec foxes, crested guineafowl, aardvarks, red-billed hornbill and fruits bats.

1. California State University

California State University provides world class and affordable education. It was established in 1947 and covers area of 300 acres. University is a renowned leader in field of education and innovation. California State University is one of the leading universities of the Sacramento, California. Approximately 30,500 students are enrolled every year. Campus has more than 30 research centers and extensive range of organizations, societies, and academic and social clubs. Prominent icons including Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson, Wangari Maathai, Woody Harrelson, Oliver Stone, John Kerry and many others have lectured in the university.

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