Top 10 best tourist attractions in Riverside CA

Riverside is a city of United States, California. The city is located behind the Santa Ana River, thus named as the riverside city. The city is part of the county named as Riverside along with being the most populous city in the county. The riverside city is famous for Citrus Industry of California which initiated its operations from here and became quite big in size. Mission Inn building is also located in the Riverside city. The building is famous on account of being Revival style building that is quite unique in the city and almost single in terms of being located in the riverside city. The building is the true exhibit of revival style. Along with this, the riverside city is also famous as the hometown of Cemetery named as Riverside National Cemetery.

10) California Citrus State Historic Park

California Citrus State Historic Park at Riverside city depicts the picture of initiation and development of Citrus industry in California with details. The Citrus industry in California is quite old but it became so big quite rapidly in a number of years. The temperature, the environment, climate conditions and the soil of the California state have proven to be very beneficial and fruitful for the Citrus industry and helped a lot in the growth process.

9) Mission Inn Museum

The Mission Inn Museum at Riverside city contains a large number of artifacts belonging to Frank Miller. Frank Miller is a known personality of Riverside city who is known for his taste and craze for artwork and artifacts. He also contributed to the economic health and up-gradation of the Riverside city. The Mission Inn museum portrays objects and exhibits related to the historical events of the Riverside city along with artifacts made by Miller and exhibits portraying the information related to the Citrus industry of California.

8) University of California’s Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens at the University of California located at the Riverside city is one of the most visited places of the city on account of its beauty and wide collection of plants, trees and flowers present here. The place provides you with a detailed tour of the botanical gardens and its collection along with providing you with information. The botanical garden absorbs a large number of shrubs, trees, plants, and flowers. The garden is full of cactus, roses, herbs and riparian trees. The garden contains collection from Australia and South Africa.

7) Whitewater Preserve

The Whitewater Preserve site located at Riverside city is built for the purpose of protecting the environment surrounding the site of whitewater river. The place around the river contains a large number of rare plants that need special care and perseverance. Along with plants, the place also preserves wildlife animals like sheep, bear, deer and many more.

6) Riverside Art Museum

The Art Museum at the Riverside city is an old building that is located near the Mission Inn Museum. A number of exhibitions of the artwork are arranged here at the museum for the purpose of providing with information, entertainment and for the amusement of the tourists. The artistic work belongs to various artists covering the whole world. The most amazing thing about the Riverside Art Museum place and its displayed artistic work is that the work not only belongs to the professional artists of the world but also the students of the city have made a big contribution at the museum.

5) Heritage House

The Heritage House at the Riverside city is one of the oldest building of the city that was built lately, a lot of years ago. The heritage house is famous for its mesmerizing and unique architectural designs that make the place a refined piece of art. The place follows the Victorian style design for the house. Heritage house is a worthwhile place to visit in terms of its architect specialty and wonders that’s site mesmerize the tourists.

4) Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center at Riverside city is an attractive place within the mountain. The site is spread over a wide area in acres. It contains a large number of sculptures of dinosaurs. The center contains a wide area spread beautiful botanical garden. The place contains a large collection of wildlife animals and sea life creatures like turtles, goldfish, and tortoise. Along with garden, there entails a wide additional land under the site that is specifically used for the purpose of organizing events, trips, and parties. A gift shop is also present there that not only provides with gift objects but also with the educational and informative material.

3) March Field Air Museum

The March Field Air Museum at the Riverside city is the biggest museum that exhibit aircrafts for the information and amusement of the tourists. Among all the aircrafts, most attention-seeking aviation is SR-71 that is known for its fast speed almost in the whole world along with a point of being used in the Second world war. The collection at museum contains lots of aviation, cargo planes, and helicopters. The museum also provides the facility to the residents and tourists to organize family events and parties at the site.

2) Fox Performing Arts Center

Fox Performing Arts Center at the Riverside city is a place widely famous for entertainment shows. The theater for displaying shows has arranged quite a wide place for accumulating the viewers and tourists. The themes that are mostly followed by the theater shows include dance, comedy, and music. Along with this, special shows are arranged at the theater for the kids. Each and every information related to the shows are communicated through the media pages.

1) Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park at the Riverside city is an enjoyable place for everyone around. The park absorbs a number of activities for the residents and the tourists like the picnic area, playground area, tennis courts, bowling green lawn and golf course. The facility of fishing, boating with paddles and other water-related sports are also available for the tourists at the Fairmount Park. A snacks shop is also present along at the park for the refreshment of the tourists.

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