La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is one of San Diego’s most scenic and photographed beaches. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Southern California. La Jolla Cove is located between picturesque sandstone cliffs and has a beach that is very popular with swimmers and divers, thanks to its clear waters and moderate temperatures.

La Jolla Cove is located only a short drive from downtown San Diego at only 12 miles. On the weekends especially, be prepared to wait in traffic when you get close to the cove since everyone wants to get away from the city to experience this small but spectacular beach. La Jolla means jewel in Spanish and the name definitely fits the scenery.

Scripps Park

La Jolla Cove is surrounded by Scripps Park, a grassy area on the bluffs around the beach that is often used for picnicking. In 1887, this area used to be called La Jolla Park, but in 1927 the park was named after Ellen Browning Scripps who contributed a lot to the development of the La Jolla Cove beach and park. Scripps Park is a great place to throw around a Frisbee, lay around in the sun to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The park is well equipped with showers, public restrooms and benches.


With some of the clearest waters in San Diego, La Jolla Cove is very popular with divers and snorkelers and the water visibility can sometimes exceed thirty feet. On clear days, you can see many types of pretty fish and other marine life. Near the cove, all types of scuba diving and kayaking are all very popular activities. The cove has a lot of marine biodiversity, caves, reefs, and kelp. All this makes La Jolla Cove an ideal place for underwater video recording and picture taking.

La Jolla Caves

In addition to the beaches La Jolla gives the San Diego area, it also has some amazing caves. The caves of La Jolla are wonderful for tours, exploring, or anyone wanting to see the best of La Jolla.

There are seven caves carved into the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla. Most of the time, you can visit any of these caves by sea kayak. All but one are accessible by foot, but you should be very alert when minus tides sweep the area.

The Sunny Jim Cave is one of the most popular and well known caves of La Jolla. You can enter through the Cave Store by paying a small charge. There are 145 steep steps to get through the cave, which is great for exploring and seeing the area.

The cave store can tell you many things about the caves and also hosts tours. If you plan to visit the La Jolla area of San Diego, the caves can be a perfect place to explore. Those of you who have kids coming along for the trip should remember to be very careful. Even though the caves provide a lot of beauty, they can also provide a lot of danger as well.


In La Jolla Cove, it’s also very common to see different types of harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks or in the water. You can encounter them while swimming but also kayaking or just see them from the beach area. La Jolla Cove is not only a beautiful sight, it also has a rich marine life and it’s part of the La Jolla Park Ecological Reserve and the San Diego- La Jolla Underwater Park. This makes the beach a bit different from other beaches in the area and no water mattresses, boogie boards, surfboards or anything that could disturb the fragile ecosystem are allowed. Here all sea animals are protected and any hunting or collecting is strictly prohibited by law.


Besides the beach which has a ton of fun activities, you can also take a stroll up to downtown La Jolla which is only a few minutes away. Here you will find upscale shopping and many shops and boutiques selling anything you can imagine. There are also many delicious restaurants where you can dine such as George’s at the Cove, El Pescador Fish Market and Sky Room. If you’re into art, there are also a lot of art galleries to browse in. Parking in La Jolla Cove is a hassle, especially near the park, and there is a strict three-hour parking rule. If you can’t find any parking, it’s worth just forking over the $10 for paid parking so you don’t waste any time missing out on all the great things La Jolla Cove has to offer.

La Jolla Cove is located at 1100 Coast Blvd, at Girard Avenue

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