California Travel Guide

Journey to California to explore its soaring redwood forests, relax on one of its world-class seashores, and sample its prized wines. Visit its thriving cities to enjoy the stunning views, attractions, and culinary delights that the Golden State has to offer. California travel genuinely has something for everyone.

The natural beauty of the Redwood forest, Joshua Tree, and Big Sur will astound you. You’ll also enjoy visiting major cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. With great food, astounding road trips, awesome camping spots, and unbelievable sightseeing opportunities, California is one of my favorite places on the planet.

Because California does have a late summer, you may be baffled by some cooler weather in May and June. From July to September, temperatures begin to rise. In Southern California, October is my personal favorite month. You have the finest sunsets and a nice mix of warm and cool weather.

Southern California

Hollywood and Disneyland are both located in Sunny Southern California. Enjoy the sun & beach in Santa Monica, cruise along the shoreline in San Diego, or party in Palm Springs in Old Hollywood style. Santa Barbara and Monterey Bay are relaxed ocean destinations that draw surfers from all over the world. Begin in Los Angeles, which is both urban and modern, but don’t miss out on the culture and adventure that is only a short drive away in any direction.

Northern California

Cooler Northern California is characterized by rocky beaches, lush forests, and winding mountain roads. San Francisco, with its steep, hilly streets and iconic Golden Gate Bridge, is also nearby. Napa and Sonoma, which create some of the world’s best wines, are located here.