Carlsbad, CA’s Mineral Water Spa

Alt Karlsbad Mineral Water Spa – Carlsbad California

Carlsbad, California is the home to Alt Karlsbad, the renowned mineral spa. Located within easy driving distance of both San Diego and Los Angeles, this little spa is one of the best places to go when you want to treat yourself to a total spa experience. This mineral water is said to be therapeutic, and people often notice additional health benefits from this water.

PictureThis mineral spa was discovered in 1882 by John Frazier, who was a sea captain turned farmer. As he was digging a well for his property, which was located where the quaint town of Carlsbad is located now, he found an aquifer of mineral water. When the water was tested, it was shown to be similar in nature to the water in another famous mineral spa resort located in what is now the Czech Republic. The name of that spa was Carlsbad, so the name was adopted for this American counterpart.

John Frazier and some friends created the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Company and built homes, hotels, and other businesses around the well. It became popular, and everyone from film stars to foreign travelers came to this part of California to experience the benefits of these natural mineral waters. With the advent of the Depression, the business fell into disrepair until 1992, when Ludvik Grigoras, a native of the Czech Carlsbad, bought and restored the well and spa. Nowadays, the mineral water is bottled and sold, and people from all over again travel to Carlsbad, California to partake of the many luxurious spa treatments offered in the beautiful and elegant European building that houses the spa.

The spa is open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Evening appointments are also available if made in advance. The spa is also opened on all holidays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is an amazing range of wonderful treatments available at the spa. All of the treatments are performed in luxuriously appointed private rooms by therapists who are both licensed and well-trained. Some of the treatments available are mineral baths, which start at $65.00. You can also get facials that start at $70.00, body wraps, also starting at $70.00, several types of massages, starting at $50.00 for thirty minutes and $85.00 for sixty minutes, and you can also choose one of three spa packages that include a variety of treatments. The packages start at $175.00 for the royal treatment, which includes a carbonated mineral bath, aromatherapy, a mud facial treatment, and a wonderful sixty-minute massage. Gift certificates can be purchased in different amounts, and make a delightful gift for anyone.

In addition to the spa, there are several very nice hotels in which to stay, and the town of Carlsbad has many shops, fine restaurants, and outlets that sell the “most healthful water in California.”

Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa
2802 Carlsbad Blvd
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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