San Diego Whale Watching Tours

San Diego Tours: San Diego Whale Watching Tours

Go on a San Diego Whale Watching Tour with San Diego Whale Watch and experience one of the most thrilling San Diego Tours of its kind near downtown San Diego.

About San Diego Whale Watching Tours

San Diego Whale Watching Tours offers premier whale watching experiences in Southern California. When you set out on San Diego Tours of the Pacific Ocean in search of dynamic ocean creatures, it’s great to be with a crew that can show you exactly what types of animals you’re seeing and tell you a little bit about their migratory patterns and habitats.

San Diego Downtown sit just moments from Mission Bay and the San Diego Harbor, where most of the San Diego Whale Watching Tours set sail from. Join other eager San Diego visitors and residents as you enjoy what is sure to be one of the greatest thrills of your San Diego vacation, viewing majestic Whales and dolphins in their natural environment, right off of San Diego’s stunning coastline.

Why Go on San Diego Whale Watching Tours

There is, perhaps, no better way to celebrate a big occasion than on the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific, and San Diego Whale Watch rents out charter boats for small parties on the upper decks. When you want to enjoy a private gathering in a magical setting, complete with marine life, gorgeous weather, and fun for all, take your group whale on a San Diego Whale Watching Tour!

Even if you’re not hosting an Event in San Diego, it’s exciting to spend a few hours Whale Watching in San Diego – one of the most popular San Diego Things to do for tourists in San Diego. On typical San Diego Tours to spot Whales, groups encounter blue whales, common dolphins, and even breaching Humpback Whales. What a fascinating sight to see the fluke of a whale emerge or 500 bottlenose dolphins playing in the water together.

Tips San Diego Whale Watching Tours

Although the weather in San Diego is near perfect most of the year, when you leave your San Diego Hotel you’ll want to bring a jacket with you. You never know what the temperature will be offshore, and it’s best to make sure you have what you need to be comfortable and enjoy the show. Pack snacks and drinks, as you’ll be out on the water for a few hours. And, remember your camera too! Downtown San Diego is conveniently located near shops and cafes, in case you need to pick up a last-minute item before your San Diego Whale Watching Tour.

Interesting Facts About San Diego Whale Watching Tours

San Diego Whale Watch is a San Diego Tour company that offers whale watching Tours of San Diego all year long – the only company to boast this service! Not only will you have the chance to spot whales and dolphins in practically any season, when you take a San Diego Whale Watching Tour with San Diego Whale Watch, but you are also guaranteed a good time with a legendary whale guarantee. If you don’t see a whale or dolphin on your trip, you can join the company for another free tour.

Whale Watching Tours in San Diego – Location and Contact Information

San Diego Whale Watch is located at 1717 Quivira Road, San Diego, CA 92109 – Tel: 619.839.0128